Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This Week's Peeks

Such a cute title demands explanation. This is a running list - a peek back, if you will - of significant events that have happened so far in 2016, as well as a subject-to-change peek ahead.


8th - Chaired "Leadership Day" for the McLean County Chamber of Commerce's program Leadership McLean County. The presenters exceeded my expectations (some risk as I'd never heard most of them speak before!) and the class gave upbeat reviews. I gave a 2-hour presentation on "Performing Under Pressure" and was subsequently invited by ISU to do the same for the leadership of their Administrative Technologies department.

15th - Wrote and recorded a Superman-themed voice over track for Darren Freidinger's American Ninja Warrior application.

22nd - The speaker I'd aligned to present on "Developing Others" for LMC had an emergency. Fortunately the topic is one of my personal passions, so I was able to put together a presentation overnight which got good reviews.

26th - Presented "Living and Working with Passion" with Lisa Hurley for the Chamber of Commerce's Next Professionals group of 30 or so young local employees.

28th - Met Rich Fatznytz, director of change management at State Farm, a well-connected guy.


5th - Unable to climb the stairs, Mom needs a hospital trip to correct swelling in her legs. I spend Friday through Sunday in Bloomingdale shuttling between the house and hospital. I discover the Elderworks resource hotline which connects me to Sunrise assisted living facility and begin determining options, including a facility tour.

11th - Recorded "Making of a Savior" voice over promotion for Vale Church's upcoming sermon series.


February 25: Serve as a guest leadership speaker for Illinois State University's Administrative Technologies Department.

March: Visit with a local church to consult on possible ways to improve "inreach" to their congregation.

Spring-summer: Repair front sidewalk, add gutters to front porch and garage, and thicken our front lawn grass.

May-July: Audition (and hopefully perform) for Beauty and the Beast.

2016 Goals Update

Dena and I have toyed with designing a new season to follow the end of the Christmas/holiday season, something to replace that sense of loss that happens when taking down the lights and realizing that spring is distant. 

Our working title is "Pre-Spring." So far we've leaned heavily into nature-scented candles. We've bought one decoration that's a sunburst, and another that's a yet-to-bloom tree, each festooned with sparkling white lights that preserve the holiday glow and remind us of the warmth to come.

We've yet to decide upon the beginning and ending dates of this season. Maybe it starts January 2 and ends as soon as we've had five consecutive 70 degree days. The possibilities are fun.

Meanwhile, it's time to check in on how this year's goals are going.

Physical Health

- Exercise/stretch 5+ days per week
- Body fat 14%
- Healthy knee
- Fruits/vegetables 5+ days per week
- Read 10 books

I've taken a fresh approach to knee health, discontinuing gym visits and replacing it with yoga (too much knee strain, promptly abandoned) and general stretching, though not 5+ days per week. The body fat and fruit/vegetables goals are met. I'm deep into the book "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle which prescribes a unique approach to personal peace by mentally detaching ourselves from our ego and negative emotions, viewing them as objects (and somewhat intrusive ones at that) rather than an integral part of our naturally happy selves.

Financial Health

- Improved tutoring records
- Set and meet a budget for 2016

Happy to say that my spreadsheet for tracking the tutoring business continues to run strong, so I can easily throw out figures like 32 students and 117 hours tutored so far this year. And in case the IRS is reading this, 152 miles traveled to and from the library. The budget still needs to be made.

Community Engagement

- Volunteer for a new organization

I'll pursue this one over the summer once school's out. I've been spending lots of time coordinating the leadership training program for the Chamber of Commerce, preparing a seminar on Performing Under Pressure for a group of 40+ leaders at ISU, and starting the early designs on a larger retreat to help people become more mindful (and thereby more peaceful).

Personal Character And Leadership

- Blog weekly
- Make 10 new acquaintances, including a mentoring relationship
- Arrive early/discipline

Whoo boy, I guess I did say weekly and not monthly didn't I? I've posted in two weeks out of seven, so there's more to be done here. Those new acquaintances are more likely to happen over the summer, although I have made at least two that I can think of.

Monday, January 18, 2016

A Peek Ahead for 2016

There are goals, and then there are anticipations - fun and unique happenings that are on the 2016 horizon. Here's a list of what I see coming with some likelihood... for now...

January: Visit with a local church to consult on possible ways to improve "inreach" to their congregation. And possibly provide some voice-over talent.

January: Speak with the Chamber of Commerce's Next Professionals group on the topic of "Igniting Your Passion"

January and February: Provide a 90-minute seminar "Living and Working with Passion" through Heartland Community College with Lisa Hurley. Also, continue to design options to expand this to at least a half-day seminar on related topics for self-improvement.

One or more times: Serve as a guest leadership speaker for Illinois State University's Administrative Technologies Department.

Spring-summer: Replace drafty windows, or some comparably-sized improvement on our 20-year home maintenance plan.

May-July: Audition (and hopefully perform) for Beauty and the Beast.

2015: Year Of The House

In some vague nod to Chinese tradition, I've declared 2015 to be the "Year of the House." The way I see it, each year brings its share of highlights and we might as well pay tribute to the expired calendar by naming it after the most significant one. And while we're at it, let's fondly recall some of the others.

1. The House

The move was not on my radar at the start of 2015, at least nowhere near the center of the screen. It had been on Dena's wish list for a while, and the longer she served on the Board of the condominium the more convinced she became that being wall-neighbor free was the way to go. We nearly bought a $140,000 house then found a much better one for $15,000 less. It's sneakily close to all the major roads in town, the neighborhood's quiet and we even got some minor improvements handled (looking at you, useless radio antenna and bug-infested mini-pines). It's stood up to torrential rains, and we've taken advantage of the heated garage feature just last week on an icy day. Cupcake adjusted instantly and loves to prowl the neighborhood at night. And it's no small matter that the condominium sold almost immediately!

2. The Declawing

Sorry if this is contentious, but know that it was especially contentious for our own inner struggle as we finally de-clawed Cupcake. Moving into a new house with thousands of dollars of furniture just wasn't compatible with endlessly slashing kitty claws, despite our many attempts to cover the furniture or train her. She doesn't race around as much as before, but psychologically she's seemed fine from the start, and maybe even more affectionate than before.

3. The Musicals

Another surprise here. I figured I'd do my annual musical and call it a year. Life doesn't go as you plan sometimes! I was devoted to getting a lead, given a supporting lead instead, and in that role learned a French accent well enough to consider auditioning for Beauty and the Beast's Lumiere in 2016 which I never would have otherwise. Blessings in disguise. Then BCPA put on Hairspray which was by then too inviting to pass up as a way to try out another theater (conclusion: good times, and now I've had my fill of 90 degree performances for a while). And despite the cost to business, the lure of the Brett Cottone / Wendy Baugh dynamic duo was too great to resist. Legally Blonde was both tremendously successful (94% capacity) and personally redeeming. I even got on the radio as part of the fun. In the new year, my most significant role will be Husband, in homage of Dena's saintly patience throughout the frequent quiet nights at home.

4. The Appendicitis

Dena's appendix ruptured on November 13 (easy to remember, being a Friday, and also wrought with drama as I barely got to Legally Blonde's opening curtain after the surgery). She spent four nights in the hospital and trooped through it, rebounding fully. Doctor Fernandes was just the kind of surgeon you want. And as a silver lining, we have now received more benefits from Blue Cross Blue Shield over the lifetime of our policy than we've paid in premium - that's what insurance is all about!

5. The Leadership Launch

In 2014 I sat passively on the Steering Committee of Leadership McLean County. This year a rogue thought turned into a steamrolling success as a terrific committee joined me in designing a first-thing, one-hour "Leadership Launch" formal training element that had been long discussed in general principle. I even ended up chairing two full days and providing 4 hours of original material myself.

6. Lisa Hurley

The most significant new relationship of the year. Our paths crossed through the Leadership Launch program, and we have feasted on each other's energy, analytical bent, and blossoming passion for helping others through public speaking to set up several engagements together in 2015-2016. It's refreshing to take philosophical dives with someone else who approaches life with a similarly responsible, organized, all-in, open-minded enthusiasm for the possible. Plus we both consider ourselves to be something of recovering pessimists, giving us a perspective and sensitivity that offers real value to those who are down.

7. The Partners

The tutoring business sprouted to the point that I delegated over 20 students to four different tutors in the spring and fall. I was fortunate to recruit two through the ISU math department and two from walk-up introductions at the Normal Public Library. Despite farming out all these students, 2015 was still personally another record-breaking income year for the seventh in a row.

8. The Bronchoscopy

Mom had this procedure done and enjoyed a hospital stay herself... my third care taking role in 12 months counting Dena's December 2014 knee procedure.

9. The Basketball Coaching

I was approached by a friend which led to a weekly coaching session with a 12-year old boy who'd missed the cut for his school team. We cover fundamentals of passing, dribbling and shooting. He's improving in a way that probably is my coaching sweet spot - elevating someone from bad to average.

10. The Church Chats

After three satisfying years in Epiphany Catholic Church's contemporary band, we launched a Sunday evening service this year. Shortly afterward, the band's direction changed and the time was right for me to let it sail on successfully without me. One side effect was the chance to attend Eastview's Christmas Eve service with Dena for the first time. Also, I revisited Vale Christian Church for the first time in oh, twenty years, intrigued by some posts by my theater friends (of various orientations) who reported feelings of extreme welcomeness there.

11. The Subbing

I was recalled to substitute teach actuarial science at ISU for the second time in as many years for couple of days. I was also able to help as a long-term sub for Normal Community West High School due to a tragedy that befell one of the teachers.

12. The Lone Star State

We vacationed to Austin, Texas as one of the sites on our "maybe" list of future home states. Right smack in the middle of summer. If we can handle the worst of the weather, there's nowhere to go but up.

There you have it folks, the top (of mind) unique and memorable happenings of 2015. May 2016 be at least as bright!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

2016 Goals

That's the nice thing about yearly goals... you have all year to set them!

Hidden Blog may be scaled down from prior years, but I remain a goal-oriented guy. So, let's skim last year's goals and see which ones make the cut this year.

As always, I reserve the right to change or ignore them. :)

Physical Health

- Exercise/stretch 5+ days per week
- Body fat 14%
- Healthy knee
- Fruits/vegetables 5+ days per week
- Increased use of sunscreen and other skin care products
- Read 10 books

My recent ambitions toward a healthy knee include shifting from cardio to yoga, and also doing physical therapy exercises prescribed for me previously. I replaced the skin care goal with an old favorite, reading 10 books. I'd only removed it because for a while reading was so second-nature it didn't seem necessary to include it.

Financial Health

- Expenses below 2014 levels
- Improved tutoring records
- Set and meet a budget for 2016

Now that we're in the house, it's time to recalibrate expense targets since 2014 levels are no longer realistic. I'm off to a good start with the tutoring records, which were a total miss in 2015.

Community Engagement

- Volunteer for a new organization
- Develop and execute a marketing plan for tutoring

Last year set a new record for tutoring earnings. As long as it continues to grow, I don't see a need to push expansion. I'm settling into a routine of tutoring between the hours of 11-8 pm (except when library has shorter hours), and God's providing the students.

Personal Character And Leadership

- Blog thanks weekly
- Make 10 new acquaintances, including a mentoring relationship
- Lead condominium association projects, such as new driveway
- Arrive early/discipline

Now that the blog's scaled back, I still like the idea of recording the most interesting things that happened during the week as sort of a journal to reflect on later. I considered a couple possible mentors but no one who really had the combination of experience, optimism and open-mindedness that I feel I need to grow. Maybe I should mentor someone else. And nothing illustrates the difference a year makes more than the striking of the condominium goal.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Career Stats With Arsenal

FIFA 2014 forcibly retired my "career" in career mode after 15 seasons with Arsenal. Career stats:

League titles: 14
Domestic Cups Won: 25
Continental Cups Won: 10
Biggest Win: 20-0 vs. QPR
Biggest Defeat: 5-0 vs. Madrid
Record Transfer Fee: $60,500,000
Total Earnings: $35,788,000
Club Record: 953 pitches, 893 wins, 34 draws, 26 losses, 5120 goals, 527 against

I had 1 loss in my last 10 seasons.

Single-season records:

66 wins, 497 goals, 22 against, 7 manager of month awards

Single-game records:

Community Shield: 4 goals (Funes Mori)
F.A. Cup: 10 goals (Kukuruzovic)
Capital One Cup: 11 goals (Buttner)
Copa Europe: 2 goals (2 players)
Champions Cup: 15 goals (Perez Lopez)

My final starting 11 had ratings of:

88 (1)
90 (4)
91 (2)
92 (2)
93 (2)

On the bench:

89 (1)
88 (1)

In the final season:

- top 12 scorers, all with at least 20 goals.
- 9 with at least 10 assists, 13 of top 25 assisters, topped by Kukuruzovic (20)
- 29 clean sheets (Saracco)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 Goals Update

Last month's GPA: 2.68. Current GPA: 3.32.

Physical Health

Exercise/stretch 5+ days per week (Grade: A)
Biking, weight lifting, some stretching, even doing a yoga class this summer. 

Body fat 14% (Grade: A)

Healthy knee (Grade: B)
No magic turning point yet, but the knee exercises have helped and it has been months since I had any upper-tier pain, probably due to avoidance.

Fruits/vegetables 5+ days per week (Grade: A)

Increased use of sunscreen and other skin care products (Grade: A)
Some kind of product most every day!

Financial Health

Expenses below 2014 levels ($31,000) (Grade: A)
With a big caveat that I am considering the house to be a capital improvement and not an ordinary expense, this is still well on track, below $10,000 at the halfway point.

Improved tutoring records (Grade: D)
I upgraded this to D only because I am up to date on my entries for the year under the old system, and have developed a system for tracking the group tutoring I'm doing this summer out of necessity. It still needs to improve in terms of tracking expenses, mileage, etc.

Community Engagement

Volunteer for a new organization (completed June) (Grade: A)
Jumped from F to A by volunteering at Eastview Christian Church for the first time, helping with their stage design changeover.

Develop and execute a marketing plan for tutoring (Grade: B)
Working with another tutor I discovered how to use a phone camera to enable two-way tutoring, a major breakthrough. I need to continue to explore this.

Personal Character And Leadership

Blog thanks weekly (Grade: C)
So-so on this one. 

Make 10 new acquaintances, including a mentoring relationship (Grade: A)
Now that I'm in Hairspray and am on a LMC subcommittee, I've hit the new acquaintances goal easily. I'm still working on the mentoring relationship.

Lead condominium association projects, such as new driveway (completed January) (Grade: A)

Arrive early/discipline (Grade: C-)
I've mostly arrived on time... as for early, not too often.

Update Wardrobe (completed June) (Grade: A)
Bought a new suit and tailored an old one. Bought several new pants for work. New sunglasses. Even my underwear and socks got an overhaul.


Considering all the time invested in house-shopping, this is a dramatically successful month!