Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This Week's Peeks

Such a cute title demands explanation. This is a running list - a peek back, if you will - of significant events that have happened so far in 2016, as well as a subject-to-change peek ahead.


8th - Chaired "Leadership Day" for the McLean County Chamber of Commerce's program Leadership McLean County. The presenters exceeded my expectations (some risk as I'd never heard most of them speak before!) and the class gave upbeat reviews. I gave a 2-hour presentation on "Performing Under Pressure" and was subsequently invited by ISU to do the same for the leadership of their Administrative Technologies department.

15th - Wrote and recorded a Superman-themed voice over track for Darren Freidinger's American Ninja Warrior application.

22nd - The speaker I'd aligned to present on "Developing Others" for LMC had an emergency. Fortunately the topic is one of my personal passions, so I was able to put together a presentation overnight which got good reviews.

26th - Presented "Living and Working with Passion" with Lisa Hurley for the Chamber of Commerce's Next Professionals group of 30 or so young local employees.

28th - Met Rich Fatznytz, director of change management at State Farm, a well-connected guy.


5th - Unable to climb the stairs, Mom needs a hospital trip to correct swelling in her legs. I spend Friday through Sunday in Bloomingdale shuttling between the house and hospital. I discover the Elderworks resource hotline which connects me to Sunrise assisted living facility and begin determining options, including a facility tour.

11th - Recorded "Making of a Savior" voice over promotion for Vale Church's upcoming sermon series.


February 25: Serve as a guest leadership speaker for Illinois State University's Administrative Technologies Department.

March: Visit with a local church to consult on possible ways to improve "inreach" to their congregation.

Spring-summer: Repair front sidewalk, add gutters to front porch and garage, and thicken our front lawn grass.

May-July: Audition (and hopefully perform) for Beauty and the Beast.

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